Our Story

Serving families in Southeast, DC for 34 years.

Founded in 1989, Horton’s Kids was built on the idea that dedicated service can change lives. We began as an all-volunteer operation, established by Former Capitol Hill staffer Karin Walser. Over the years, our efforts have shifted to work in tandem with families in Southeast DC, to co-create programs that remove barriers to success, and help every member of the family thrive.  

Horton’s Kids leveraged its Capitol Hill roots to build strong partnerships with federal agencies that provide spaces for programs free of charge and help recruit volunteers. While our ties to Capitol Hill remain strong, the bulk of our programs now operate at our Community Resource Centers in Anacostia, improving ease of access for the children and families we serve.

As a trusted community partner, Horton’s Kids relies heavily on the community to guide the strategic direction of the organization. We promote inclusive, community-led guidance on programming and actively work to increase the number of community members at all levels including staff, board members,​ and volunteers.

Horton’s Kids operates 3 Community Resource Centers in Southeast DC. In 2023, we opened our third location and new headquarters Horton’s Kids Community Resource Hub (Horton’s Hub) to reaffirm our commitment to the communities we serve and deepen our investment in Southeast DC.