About the Event

We gathered on Friday, November 17 from 6-9PM amd enjoyed an evening of food, fellowship, and inspiration with others who share our commitment to building a more just, equitable future for children and families in Southeast DC.

Over the years, Give Thanks & Give Back has grown from an intimate house party into an annual fundraising gathering drawing hundreds to celebrate the achievements of the children and families we serve, as well as the committed partners, volunteers, and staff who make our mission possible every day.


This has been an exciting year with the opening of our new Horton’s Kids Community Resource Center, or Horton’s Hub, finalizing a new strategic plan, and growing our footprint to reach more children and families in Anacostia.

To learn more about or get involved with our 2024 Give Thanks & Give Back please contact Ellica Church, Senior Director of Individual Giving, at ellica@hortonskids.org

Yolanda Pinkney

The Community Champion Award recognizes those who, like Ms. Pinkney, serve as true advocates for their communities, embodying pride, passion, and the belief that positive change is possible. Yolanda Pinkney is a shining example of these qualities, and her contributions to our community have made a lasting impact on the lives of many.

Ms. Pinkney, a dedicated parent council member and passionate advocate, has shown exceptional commitment to her community over the years. She believes in the power of community healing and investment, inspires others through her resilience, and recently acquired new skills through our entrepreneurship printing class, exemplified by her motivational “I Did It by Myself” merchandise. Her unwavering dedication and positive impact make her a true community champion.

Cobec Consulting

Cobec Consulting has been a steadfast supporter of Horton’s Kids for over five years. Their work has included volunteering at activities such as Homework Help, gift wrapping, donation drives, and clean-up days, as well as sponsoring the Home Runs event and the Give Thanks and Give Back Gala.  Horton’s Kids provides opportunities to come together both in-person and virtually, allowing Cobec employees all across the country to make a difference in the Washington, DC community. They are very proud of our partnership with Horton’s Kids and are continually delighted to see the real-life benefits delivered by the organization. Cobec thanks the HK team not only inspiring them, but for allowing them to work collaboratively to inspire the next generation.

Liz and Paul Dougherty
Sue Heiler Brown
Fernanda and Brian Fisher
Dr. Roy Jones
Pam and David Kanstoroom
Mary Ellen Matheson
Virginia and Bobby McMillin
Erik Olson and Jessica Smith
Ellen and Scott Palmer
Tara and Craig Primis



Etta Fielek


Ralph Alswang Photography | Howie Bierman and Jill Coleman and Family
Cobec Consulting | Dolores Cole | Joseph Davis and Evelyn Loeb |
Fernanda and Brian Fisher
Giant Food | Katharine Heyl | Simmy and Brian Jain |
Dr. Roy Jones
Pam and David Kanstoroom | Marshfield Associates | Christopher and Sarah Martin
Virginia and Bobby McMillin |
Erik Olson and Jessica Smith | Ellen and Scott Palmer
Tara and Craig Primis | Dr. Billie Short |  Team Koki | United Bank


Liz and Paul Dougherty | Chas Eberle and Ali O’Donnell | Adam Gluck
Morgan Stanley | John and Emily Pappas | Sandy Spring Bank
Neesa Patel Sood | Dan and Cyndy Walsh


Alston & Bird LLP | Jana Barresi and Ethan Watermeier | Don and Marnie Beale
Rajkumari Bezwada | Judy and Leland Bishop |
David Catania | Paul Conlon and Michele Heller
Monique Frazier| Heiler Brown Family |
The Invisible Hand Foundation
Lisa and Mark Kaufman| Kirkland and Ellis Foundation | Tanya and Hudson La Force
Jennifer Loven and Chris Cooper |
Emilio Sanchez, CFPTM at Morgan Stanley
The Michelle Sagatov Realty Group | Jeanne Hicks Wolak | James Wright and Jennifer Kent


Erica Ahdoot | Roberta Bantel | Steven and Daisy Berexa
Crista Cueto | Melissa and James Dennis | Famouscookies.com
Gihan Fernando | Don and Angela Irwin | Lara Johnson and Miles Mason
Estee Levine-Little and David Little | Liza and Mike Lowe | Mary Ellen Matheson
RaShonda & Sheku Riddle | Larry Shirley | Allison and Ben Steinberg | Lee Stevens
Bryan Stockton and Rebecca Regan-Sachs | Stoiber+Associates Architects | Suzanne Zweben

A look back at our 2022 Featured Speaker, E’Nyjaih Fields

For kids in my neighborhood, it’s not always easy to listen to the instincts that tell you to dream big and reach for the stars. But Horton’s Kids helped me trust those instincts. They helped me envision a brighter future for myself and then go after that future.