Meet Robin Berkley, New Executive Director

Horton’s Kids is thrilled to welcome Robin Berkley as our new Executive Director. Robin answered a few questions so our donors, supporters, and friends can learn more about her involvement with Horton’s Kids.

1) How did you first find out about Horton’s Kids? What drew you to volunteering?

I first learned about Horton’s Kids from a friend, Ben Berson, who is also a fellow volunteer. I had been working in the education policy sector in DC for several years and welcomed the opportunity to support children on a more individual and personal basis.

2) How did volunteering at Horton’s Kids impact your life? What were some of your favorite moments?

I genuinely believe I have gotten as much from the volunteer experience as the children – perhaps even more! The Horton’s Kids are an amazing group of children with immense potential and resilience. They overcome incredibly difficult circumstances to persevere in school and life, and to see that first-hand is inspiring.

Over time, I became more involved as a volunteer with Horton’s Kids, moving from one night of tutoring to two, tutoring and mentoring additional children, and providing additional support to a few Horton’s Kids who needed it most.

I have a lot of favorite moments. The way the children’s faces light up when they see you is pretty hard to beat. Recently, the grandmother of one of the boys I tutor told me that now when he comes home, he always wants to get his homework done right away, which was a pretty major change in behavior. That was a good moment.

3) What attracted you to apply to the Executive Director position at Horton’s Kids?

The incredible opportunity to merge my passion for Horton’s Kids with my profession. I can’t think of a more meaningful endeavor than working to improve and transform the lives of some of the city’s most deserving children.

4) What do you hope to accomplish in the first few months as the Executive Director?

As Executive Director, I hope to build on the strong, well-established Horton’s Kids’ model, particularly by leveraging new organizational capacity to capture participant outcome data. Horton’s Kids is also experiencing renewed demand in its older youth program, which will undoubtedly be an area that we will work to grow and strengthen in the coming months.

5) What would you like to share about your life outside of Horton’s Kids?

I am happily married and live with my husband, Brad, and our dog, Rex, in Old Town, Alexandria. I have lived in the DC area for almost 10 years and (with the exception of traffic) have loved every minute of it. Our city has a wealth of resources and opportunities, which I try to take advantage of as much as possible. I have also found the people in DC to be incredibly engaged and dynamic, which I enjoy. I love going to the Kennedy Center, walking around town and the Potomac, and spending time with friends.