Jerrod started attending programs at Horton’s Kids as a shy, quiet five year old. Over time, and in part due to his relationships with his peers and mentors at Horton’s Kids, he began to open up more and doubt himself less. “I started to feel more confident and excited to try new things,” he said. “I joined the school band and eventually realized that I had a passion for playing and writing music.”

With the support of Horton’s Kids older youth programs, Jerrod felt better prepared for life after graduation. He went to career fairs and on college visits, as well as improved his financial literacy and social skills. After high school, Jerrod attended Lyncoming College in Pennsylvania on a full-ride scholarship, graduating with a degree in business and entrepreneurship. He is now utilizing his business management skills in his job at a local residential leasing office in Gallery Place. 

Jerrod continues to pursue his passion for music and is helping other kids do the same through his involvement with the state-of-the-art music and media lab at the new Horton’s Hub. This space is designed to provide Horton’s Kids participants with opportunities to express their creativity. “Having access to Community Resource Centers is critical for high schoolers,” said Jerrod. “Once you figure out what you like, HK will help you figure out the rest.”