When Mone joined Horton’s Kids as an energetic eight-year-old, there was nothing she hated more than schoolwork. “Back then, I didn’t like doing my homework,” Mone said. “Going to tutoring at Department of Education, I was forced to do it. My grades would be terrible if I wasn’t in this program.”

Now an articulate 15-year-old, Mone has a 3.37 GPA at KIPP DC College Preparatory, a high-performing high school, and aspires to be a talk show host when she grows up.

She participates in numerous extracurricular activities, including the school choir and drama team and her church dance program. She also writes poems in her free time. “Horton’s Kids introduced me to new things that showed [me] there is more to look forward to in the future.”

For Mone, future success means the ability to travel and see the world beyond DC, especially Hawaii, Japan, Milan, and Paris. “Travel is important because you don’t want to get wrapped up in one particular location because that location will absorb you,” Mone said. “I want to meet new people, see new cultures, eat new foods, speak other languages.”

Mone plans to attend college after high school graduation. Currently, she’s interested in attending Penn State, NYU, Virginia Tech, or UCLA. “When I get my college acceptance letter, I will scream,” she said. “I will shout. Backflips, all that.”