Family Engagement

Children with involved parents and stable homes are more likely to stay on track and succeed in school. Horton’s Kids partners closely with parents to promote their children’s progress, while providing families with essential resources that reduce stress and promote stability.

In 2022:

Social events and workshops targeted at caregivers and families
Community members on Horton's Kids staff

Parent Advisory Council Meetings

Our Parents Advisory Council meets monthly to provide feedback to Horton’s Kids about what programming we should provide and how we should provide it.

Family Visits

Monthly meetings with families keep parents updated on their child’s progress in Horton’s Kids and help to foster a partnership around supporting them.

Game nights

Horton’s Kids also hosts a weekly fatherhood group, a monthly family game night, and a variety of other family engagement events throughout the year to bring families together.

Ongoing Support

To reduce household stress, Horton’s Kids provides access to food pantry, diapers, and professional clothing. Adults can also access a computer lab and receive assistance with finding and applying for jobs.