Youth Development

Without enrichment and youth development programs, children would not have many opportunities to learn and experience new things during their out-of-school time. These programs give children the chance to broaden their horizons, find new interests, and explore their strengths. The activities also often give many children the chance to enjoy childhood.

Older youth paired with individualized mentorship
sessions of life skills, field trips, and other enrichment programming
Active community enrichment partners

Weekend Enrichment

Our Centers serve as hubs for engaging weekend programming, including cooking classes, arts and crafts, boxing lessons, team sports like basketball and flag football, dance classes, and gardening.

Field Trips Throughout DC

For many children, a field trip with Horton’s Kids is the first time they cross the Anacostia River and see common landmarks like the Capitol or the Washington Monument. Horton’s Kids organizes trips to places such as Smithsonian museums, sporting events, and theater performances throughout the metro area.  In the summer, Horton’s Kids brings children to the pool to practice swimming and spend time outdoors.

Character Building and Life Skills

Older youth enjoy discussion groups that provide the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, be heard, and be challenged to elevate their thinking around issues that impact their lives. Life skills sessions teach practical skills such as social and emotional coping, financial literacy, and healthy relationships.

Programming Through Partnerships

Through numerous partnerships, Horton’s Kids connects children and youth with experiences that they would otherwise not be able to access, including sleepaway camps in Wyoming and Vermont.