Julie Lonardo
Chief Program Officer

Julie oversees all community-based and family engagement activities, health and basic needs services, and other activities hosted in our Community Resource Centers. Julie has worked closely with the Wellington Park community since she joined Horton’s Kids as a volunteer in 2000, before the organization had a staff. Julie rose through the ranks during her time at Horton’s Kids and previously served as Volunteer Coordinator, Program Director and Deputy Director. Her dedication to seeing children and families thrive helps her maintain relationships that often span generations. With a deep understanding of the community and the children’s needs, Julie helped Horton’s Kids grow from volunteer-led enrichment activities to its current comprehensive, research-based model. In 2010, she led the opening of the organization’s first Community Resource Center in the children’s neighborhood, and in 2012, she oversaw the Center’s renovation and expansion through a partnership with the Food Network. Julie holds a Bachelors degree in sociology from Susquehanna University.