Stanton Oaks Community Resource Center

On October 29th, Horton’s Kids began an exciting new chapter with the opening of our Stanton Oaks Community Resource Center in Southeast DC. The second Center, located about an 8-minute walk from our current Center, will serve children and families living in a housing community very similar to Wellington Park.

“We are thrilled to bring supports and services to the children and families in the Stanton Oaks community,” says Julie Lonardo, Chief Program Officer. “To get up and running, we are taking much of the same approach as when we opened our first Center 10 years ago.”
Since fall of 2019, we’ve been building relationships with parents and children in Stanton Oaks – conducting monthly food and toiletries distributions, actively listening to what their needs are, and hiring community members to deliver programs once the new site opens.

Children and families in Stanton Oaks are slated to receive our full complement of academic, youth development, and health and basic needs supports. One of the primary focuses of our COVID-19 modified programs is preventing learning loss — with special consideration for our youngest learners. That’s why we are laser-focused on enrolling K-4th graders at our new site. 
Much of this expansion project was made possible thanks to seed funding from Redwood Housing, the new owner of Wellington Park and Stanton Oaks. In addition to their generosity, Redwood Housing is providing both Centers to Horton’s Kids rent-free. 
In the coming year, we’ll need your continued support and partnership to expand our reach to new children & families residing in Stanton Oaks. Together, we’ll help new children and families overcome systemic barriers and cultivate the talent and potential of every child in Stanton Oaks. For now, we celebrate a new beginning. Thank you so much for all of your help over the last 31 years, which has made this exciting day possible.