Strategic Plan



In February 2023, Horton’s Kids completed our five-year strategic plan. The strategies and tactics surfaced, each support the same overarching goal: Deepening our impact in the community-led and place-based provision of children and family programming in the under-invested community of Anacostia, Washington, DC.
Our planning process kicked off in 2022 with the facilitation of surveys, interviews, and focus groups with youth, parents, community, board, and staff. Subsequently, we launched a community asset mapping exercise to understand the existing assets and resources in Southeast DC, as well as the facilitators and barriers to access.


At-a-Glance Brochure

Detailed Strategic Plan Book

Strategy 1:

We are expanding our reach by offering our programming and​ services to more of Anacostia’s children and families who live within walking distance of our new community headquarters,​ Horton’s Hub. We are committed to our place-based model​ of building deep and trusting relationships with community​ members and providing long-term commitment to their success.

Strategy 2:

We are strengthening the ways youth and familieswe serve can guide the strategic direction of our efforts.We are promoting inclusive, community-led guidance on programming by increasing the number of community members at all levels including staff, board members,and volunteers.

Strategy 3:

We are advocating for respectful forms of policing and security within the community, and strengthening our healing-informed approach to programs, so that children and families can feel both safety and belonging. We are strengthening communication between security, public safety, and our staff​ to ensure urgent crises are addressed, and also leaning into community-led models of restorative safety.

Strategy 4:

We are deepening our investment in youth development to create engaging, holistic learning environments and build a powerful sense of community through positive peer and adult connections. ​ We will continue to identify​ opportunities and experiences that allow youth to explore​ their interests, identify their strengths, overcome obstacles,​ and achieve their dreams.

Strategy 5:

We are leveraging Horton’s Hub to partner with other organizations and increase access to economic​ opportunities, health and wellness, and other vital services. We will expand services for program alumni as they make their transition to adulthood – and continue to offer services, resources, and referrals to parents and caregivers in the community.

Strategy 6:

We are cultivating a healthy and inclusive environment​ where our staff can find the mentorship and professional​ development opportunities necessary to build and improve their skills. Investing in underinvested communities can lead to burnout, so we are putting in place the systems​ and resources to help our employees prioritize life-work balance and thrive.