A Virtual Celebration of Resilience
November 18, 2020 |  7PM EST

Horton’s Kids Mailing Address
400 Virginia Ave. SW, Suite C-130
Washington, DC 20024

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Founded 13 years ago, Give Thanks & Give Back is an annual reception that has grown to be one of the most important sources of funding and awareness for Horton’s Kids. This year’s event will be a virtual celebration of resilience and take you on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of our Community Resource Center in SE DC. On the tour, you will hear from children, families, volunteers, and staff about their experiences during the pandemic that ensure children’s basic needs are met and that they continue to progress academically.

We hope you’ll join Horton’s Kids in supporting children and families in SE DC. Especially in the face of one of the biggest challenges our community has ever seen, we need your commitment to shaping an equitable future. Your support will fuel our programs that help children and their families overcome systemic barriers to food security, gainful employment, quality education, housing, and health care. With your support, Horton’s Kids can cultivate the talent and potential of every child.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been inspired by the resilience, perseverance, strength, and deep sense of community from the residents of Wellington Park and Stanton Oaks. We are honored to be a part of their story, and hope you will be, too. Will you join us?

Meeting health &
basic needs

Including distribution of groceries, prepared meals, diapers, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and PPE.

Bridging the
digital divide

Distribution of computer and/or tablet to every child, plus WiFi hot spots to every household.

Preventing learning

Virtual tutoring and homework help, and financial and logistical supports to alumni unable to return to campus or work place.

Mental health & social-emotional supports

Enrichment activities, virtual case management, mental health referrals, and weekly family

Courtney  Alexander
Attorney and advocate

Catherine Cone
Counsel, Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs

Amy Gellatly
Supervising Attorney,
Bread for the City

Craig Goldblatt
Partner, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP.

Isley Gostin
Counsel, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP.

Rebecca Lindhurst
Managing Attorney,
Bread for the City

Mirela Missova
Counsel, Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs

This year’s award goes to a team of individuals who worked tirelessly to ensure that residents of Wellington Park were represented and safeguarded throughout the bankruptcy of the owner of their apartment complex. This bankruptcy – and the related sale of their homes to a new owner – threatened the families’ sense of security.
These seven attorneys developed a unified system to notify, educate, and advise residents about their rights throughout the bankruptcy process. They helped them organize so their voices were heard during the property sale. They also helped residents file bankruptcy claims against the owner – claims that the residents won! They then made sure that families fully understood the settlement terms and how they would affect their government benefits. Additionally, they provided personalized outreach to community residents and facilitated workshops focused on credit recovery, home ownership, budgeting, and both savings and college savings accounts.
Special thanks to Allyson Pierce, Jenny Cox, Daniel Teti, William Miller, and John Hardisky who assisted with this project. 
On behalf of Horton’s Kids and the Wellington Park community, we extend our deepest gratitude to these individuals for their commitment to service.
Horton’s Kids was founded in 1989 when Karin Walser, then a Capitol Hill staffer, stopped to get gas. Several children who lived in a nearby homeless shelter approached her and offered to pump her gas for spare change. Instead of handing them money, she offered to take them to the zoo the next weekend.
In the ensuing weeks and months, Karin enlisted friends to join her in taking the children out on weekend field trips and afterschool tutoring. This group of friends grew into a network of hundreds of volunteers, and for the first 12 years of Horton’s Kids’ history, the organization was entirely volunteer run.
Today, Horton’s Kids work is made possible by hundreds of committed volunteers who tutor, mentor, chaperone field trips, and more. They are the organization’s backbone. The Karin Walser Commitment to Service Award honors volunteers who embody one of Horton’s Kids’ founding principles: dedicated volunteer service can change a child’s life.

LDR Growth Partners is thankful for our partnership with Horton’s Kids and proudly backs their mission of supporting the children and families of Southeast DC. Beginning in 2018, we were welcomed as a partner and immediately impressed by the relentless compassion, strength, and action of the organization, its staff members, and those it serves. Through our time spent in the Horton’s Kids Center working one-on-one with the children, participating in the Horton’s Kids annual Community Clean Up, and facilitating offsite events, the aforementioned traits continue to shine brightly as a real testimony of resilience. We are thrilled to sponsor the Give Thanks and Give Back event this year and look forward to the future impacts of Horton’s Kids.

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Patrick and TJ McGreevy and Family 

Joseph Neckles

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