Horton’s Kids serves a community where the traditional public schools are among the most chronically underperforming in the District of Columbia. When children from low-income families enter these schools, they are often already behind. Research shows that by the age of five, children from low-income families will have heard 30 million fewer words than children from middle and upper-income homes. This deficit, often made worse when schools do not meet the child’s needs, becomes more dramatic without intervention. Horton’s Kids seeks to close this gap for each child by providing one-on-one tutoring, literacy intervention, homework help, and educational advocacy.


Children attend one-on-one tutoring at the House of Representatives’ Rayburn Building, the U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Tutoring focuses on homework completion and literacy exercises tailored to helping each child advance.

Literacy Intervention

To promote a love of learning and reading, Horton’s Kids has a well-stocked library at its Community Resource Center, and children can choose and take home books of all reading levels. During the summer, Horton’s Kids connects children with opportunities, including summer school and literacy recovery activities at the Center, which prevent the summer slide in learning.

Homework Help

Before academic programs, children receive help with homework from off-duty educators for two hours after school, Monday through Thursday, in the Community Resource Center. Participants can also access a computer lab at the Center.  This time allows older participants to focus on other project-based programming later in the evening, and keeps them on track for high school graduation.

Educational Advocacy

Recognizing that the local public schools do not provide children with the strongest opportunities for success, Horton’s Kids helps families enroll children in the best schools possible.  Today, more than 80% of participants are enrolled in high-performing charter schools, including KIPP DC, Cesar Chavez, and Thurgood Marshall Academy.

Program Evaluation

Horton’s Kids measures and validates all academic programming with regular testing and data analysis.

For more information on academic programming, contact Education Director Meg Stewart.