Our Board

Board members have significant experience in their respective fields and bring varied skill sets to Horton’s Kids. They secure resources and work with the Executive Director to implement the organization’s strategic plan. Many members are former or current volunteers, and two members are community representatives.

Our Board

Executive Commitee
Ellen Palmer,  Chair

John Pappas, Vice Chair
Michael Vu, Treasurer
Liz Doughterty, Secretary

Board Officers
Michael Vu, Finance Chair
Monique Frazier, Finance Vice Chair
Erik Olson, Governance Chair
Tyrec Grooms, Governance Vice Chair
John Pappas, Fundraising Chair
Mary Ellen Matheson, Fundraising Chair
Dan Walsh, Strategic Planning Chair

Board Members
Norman Bailey, Board Member
David Catania, Board Member
Dolores Cole, Board Member
Amy Dean, Board Member
Missy Edwards, Board Member
Marc Lampkin, Board Member
Matt Gelman, Board Member
Rick Lane, Board Member
Allison Remsen, Board Member
LaToya Starks, Board Member
Nicole Taylor, Board Member
Tim Trysla, Board Member
Dan Walsh, Board Member